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When I was a kid I liked sketching alot, here are some sketches i've made.
When I was a kid I liked sketching alot, here are some sketches i've made.
Did i mention I don't use erasers ?
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6 days ago
Check out this cool logo done by a great designer and friend, DAlex:
7 days ago
"Every person at your company can benefit from extra facetime with customers"https://t.co/W4OIpTIPuD via @InVisionApp
13 days ago
Freedom of choice is not debatable.
This is how Islamic Republic of Iran took our bodies hostage fo 40 years. We are forced to carry the ideology of Islamic Republic on our bodies. Now it’s time to take our bodies and identities back from the hostages takers.
14 days ago
my dog’s best friend is a brick
1564265537083 weeks ago
@mfahadnoor I like your work on behance by the way, great stuff.
3 weeks ago
@mfahadnoor Hey. Unfortunately I'm fresh out of invites. One of the draftees has yet to accept the invite and migh not accept it at all. I'll let you know. If not, "i know a guy" :D
3 weeks ago
When you are a "brand specialist" and your portfolio looks like this:
3 weeks ago
@dragos_design Cool gradient bro.
3 weeks ago
Someone should document what happens when an average man dares question female journalists. *cough* gamergate *cough*
.@erinbiba has done something incredibly brave. She's documented what happens when female journalists dare to question Elon Musk. https://www.thedailybeast.com/what-its-like-when-elon-musks-twitter-mob-comes-after-you
3 weeks ago
Oh, snap. I bet someone was expecting an apology.
@NoahShachtman @thedailybeast @erinbiba You’ve done something incredibly dishonest by supporting a journo who falsely stated that I’m against science, then cherrypicked tweets that don’t represent the vast majority of my followers to make false claims against them too
3 weeks ago
Pure gold.
Accidentally stumbled upon this amazing treasure trove of hundreds of beautiful/awful 80s tech logos. It sort of feels like a version of that “Bobson Dugnutt” screen, but those are all real.

3 weeks ago
Good job guys!
Thanks you for the support, together we did it 💌

European Live Cam Site 2018:


4 weeks ago
- "Hey, have you been getting our messages about GDPR?"
(insert cricket sounds here)
4 weeks ago
Life of a graphic designer 😂 .
1111664 weeks ago
No. Fuck off. No. You terrible and toxic influence on young girls. I admire their mother’s branding capabilities, she is an exploitative but innovative genius, however this family makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to. ☹️
16028617424 weeks ago
A little something i'm working on.
1 months ago
Daily Design Inspiration http://dlvr.it/QRZcQz
6361 months ago
I've never seen S&D so happy together.
11 months ago
This website is great to get a simple free portfolio going. You also get a FREE .cam account, how crazy is that?
Avec vous alliez bon plan et facilité. Gratuit, simple à monter soi-même, s'adaptant à tous les écrans, voici enfin un service qui répond à vos besoins sans vous coûter d'argent. Un meilleur plan que celui-là ?! 😉☺️✨ https://my.cam/
1 months ago
standards change.
38011091 months ago
I dropped a box of spaghetti on the ground and accidentally graduated from Art School.
1635475770351 months ago
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